Color is the visual information by which people perceive their surroundings.

Color is one of the most effective decorating tools you can use to make your home comfortable and beautiful. It has the power to cheer, invigorate, sooth, or relax. It can transform the character of a finish, taking it from subtle to bold, traditional to contemporary, formal to casual.

Color has powerful effect on spaces and the people who live in them. That is why it is important that everyone who shares a space helps select its color. Start by looking at interior design books and magazine. When you figure out a color scheme in your mind, you can try your style using our virtual painter, which will help you to match your colors or change whatever you want freely. Selecting the right hue of a color is critical to designing a scheme that works.

Colors without limits are available at National Paints to provide the customer with any desired color using Color Mix Machine; BS, RAL, NCS colors (AMBIENCE) and all other European systems

This Service is available at all National Paints Showrooms and wholesales